Recruiters don’t say I won’t ghost you and then ghost the candidate

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I had that happen last week. Why is basic respect so hard for people?

This isn’t just for recruiters but for anyone who promises a customer something and then doesn’t follow through. If a customer service representative says they will contact me in a few days to follow up, I know that will never happen. I have been trained to not expect a follow up since it never happens. Why even bother saying that lie?

Last night I was thinking about how often people are treated as non human and not worthy of respect. I think one of the downsides of the internet is that while it has given people jobs who wouldn’t have gotten them before, it has also distorted hiring managers perceptions of what is a reasonable ask for a job.

Everyone should get a response who makes an effort to apply for a job. There is no reason that an autoresponder can’t be setup for this. What it says about your company is that you don’t value peoples time, and believe me people who don’t get the job don’t support/buy from that company in the future.

Hiring doesn’t need to be adversarial. When recruiters write posts about how candidates are wasting time it comes off as self-serving. Candidates are not perfect, but there is far less deception from candidates then there is from companies. We know that companies lie about jobs that are closed, gathering resumes for metrics, and asking for work and then using it without compensation. Is there something similarly harmful that candidates are doing? Given the dynamics of power, who do you think is the victim here? A company is a victim with its attorneys, background checks and networks of recruiters?

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Be realistic. No one who has money cares about you. Money makes people less human and less willing to be empathic and real. This is not an opinion it is a scientific fact. The more money you have, the less empathetic you are. I worked for rich people who had no empathy about the destruction they were doing. They only cared about getting their needs met. That isn’t something to aspire to, its something that is criminal and needs to be prosecuted.