Recruiter asked me for my year of birth

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I had a recruiter ask me today for both a photo ID like a driver’s license and my year of birth. This is illegal.

I filled out the rest of the information but told the recruiter that asking a US citizen for their age of birth could lead to an age discrimination claim. He was a recruiter who was not from the US and he may not have known the laws.

This recruiter called and sent me an email based on an application I did on LinkedIn for a well-known US company. When companies use vendors who are not familiar with the laws of the US, it doesn’t inspire us with confidence or make us want to work with them. I told him I would not give personal information to him, and that I could pass a background check when it came time for an interview.

Honestly, if you get a recruiter who doesn’t know the law, you need to educate them and then probably stay away from that job. He also didn’t know that in NYC companies have to provide a range. It is interesting how many recruiters forget that NYC law. I always remind recruiters that NYC says a range needs to be provided. If they can’t provide one, then I thank them for their time and hang up.

We are not desperate. If we aren’t respected in the job interview process we won’t participate and continue in our present job.

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