Rechargeable batteries have worked great

lithium power batteries screenshot

I do not get any benefit from writing about these products. I simply think they are great.

Don’t you love things that you can reuse?  Me too, so I bought rechargeable batteries as soon as I had money to spend.

I looked and found these Tenevolts and they have worked perfectly for me in the year that I have had them. I was waiting to test them to see if they had any issues, and now is the time for others to be made aware of these excellent batteries. For $35 I have saved having to buy these batteries for 10 years, and that is a whole lot of money saved.

The AA batteries also work great as well. So now I have the remote control and flashlights ready for my rechargeable power. What is also nice is knowing that they will not fail for a long time and that I will always have spares ready. I don’t understand why more people don’t use rechargeable batteries.

Since these batteries have more power stored, your devices are stronger when you use them. I have a small mixer and after putting in one of these batteries it mixed faster than it ever did. Kids would love these with any kind of car or toy racing equipment.

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