Ransomware biggest profits in 2023

Ransomeware Comic

Ransomware is constantly in the news. Sadly, unprepared companies pay to get their data back rather than just restore it.

This is frustrating to see up close. As an IT person I warn companies that I have worked with of this risk and many don’t wish to pay the money to protect themselves. Another study said that 60% of small companies that get hit with ransomware close because they can’t continue to operate their business without their data. What an incredible loss.

Ransomeware Comic
ransomware comic

Part of the problem is that smaller companies don’t have the dedicated IT staff they need to protect themselves. Part of it is just ignorance on the part of management. Sadly too many non-IT people make decisions that IT should be consulted on. There is no shame in asking experts, and even though it’s hard to spend money it is required.

One of the biggest things that I see happen with small companies is incomplete backups, poor patching, and not managing the onboard/offboard process. I have worked closely with this and the amount of manual labor spent on these things is just silly. With a little thought and a full-time person, the risk to the company can be minimized greatly and I never understand the cheapness in this regard. The experience that employees have is remembered and it affects the brand perception of the company. Companies slowly become unable to compete by not investing in the key technologies that their competitors are investing in.

Don’t become a victim. Back up your stuff and have 3 kinds of backups. Better yet hire an IT consultant and listen to them. Or after the ransomware, you might be putting your resume out on LinkedIn.

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