Put OpenSuse into Hibernate mode last night

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It was easy to do. There is a button on the start menu that says Hibernate or Sleep. They make it easy for people.

On my secondary, I put the computer to sleep. When I opened it up it was warm. It had been running and my primary system that was in hibernation wasn’t warm. It was nice to see that this morning. Then I didn’t have to take time to reboot.

I randomly go for months shutting down my system turning it on in the morning, and putting it into hibernation. There are pros/cons for each. Hibernation is more energy efficient. It takes less energy to wake up and initialize than having to boot from a dead computer. This changes the longer that you may not use the computer.

However shutdown and reboot often fixes weird issues in Mac/Windows. When I use a Mac/Windows computer every day I turn it off and then on. In my experience, it helps me to have the best error-free experience with those Operating Systems. This will change with using Linux more. I doubt that I will need to reboot every day to have a reliable experience.

Practically speaking the difference in the amounts of energy are so small that how you treat other things in your life is far more important to be concerned about. As much as possible I try to conserve and not waste energy/resources. If someone asks me what they should do I would say that randomly rebooting and hibernating your computer is probably the best trade-off of pros/cons.

Now what I can state with certainty is that if you never/rarely reboot your computer you will have weird problems and slowness. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have, Mac, Windows, or Linux, there are constant updates and those updates need to be fully applied which only happens with a reboot. At the very least you should reboot your computer once a week. If you do heavy-intensive things like music/video production, large data sets, or CAD I would suggest every day. Average computer users who are surfing the web and using productivity software don’t need that kind of schedule unless they frequently use multiple programs at once, or more than a dozen tabs in their browser.

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May all your reboots be successful ones.