Projector is awesome!

'this Illustrates The First Point I'd Like To Make We Need A Projector.'

Today I set up my first home projector. It is awesome.

I am not sponsored by them or get any benefit from sharing this but I am very pleased with what I am getting for the money. I bought a MosiacGo from EliteProjector. I paid about $1600 and I got both an outdoor and indoor screen. It is more than I expected honestly.

First I am using the outdoor screen in my apartment. Yes, it looks ridiculous but I was curious what a white screen would look like. I must say it is better than any projector I used in the past with a company. It is an Ultra Short Throw projector, which means it sits about a foot from the screen—no more annoying light in your eyes with the old-style projectors.

'this Illustrates The First Point I'd Like To Make We Need A Projector.'
‘This illustrates the first point I’d like to make we need a projector.’

Is there a downside? Sure. I will have to talk with the landlord to see if I can install the wall screen, although honestly I kind of like this big outdoor screen. It blocks some of the light and noise and that is nice. To install the wall screen I would need to move my desk, and I like where my desk is located now. I am not chained to this position, however, so I am open to change.

I read the manual but of course, there is a learning curve with your first technology of any type. One of the first things that I learned was that I needed help from their support line. I called them and described the problem and took a photo and sent them. The screen is about 95% clear and the only unclarity is at the very extreme right and the bottom where it is a little fuzzy. I don’t ever look in that area so it’s not an issue to me, and the tech said he would test with his laptop and let me know if I had done something wrong with the setup or if that is how these types of projectors work.

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This is why I didn’t write this earlier. I was busy assembling this monster and testing it. Lots of options in the menu which I will eventually test and learn. Still out of the box the color, clarity, and size are most impressive. If you could see me type on this screen the equivalent screen for a TV would be currently $4000. It is amazing what this is doing.

I will let you know how this turns out, but I am so pleased with my first home projector.