People enjoy what they don’t have

Rain Comic

I have noticed that people enjoy what they don’t have, or haven’t had.

For example, this weekend had lots of rain. I love it. I grew up in a dry desert and for me, any rain is good rain. I moved to a city when I was older that was famous for rain. I loved those days. Almost everyone hated the rain because they felt it limited their activities. However, when you like staying inside and using electronics, this isn’t a problem.

Rain Comic
rain comic

Why am I talking about this? To share that even though I love the rain, too much isn’t helpful. For example, the apartment where I live now crumbles near the windows due to the rain. I put in a ticket two years ago and they said they fixed it. Then it happened again last year and then got worse and spread to another window. Now it spread to another window I think because of the heavy rain this weekend. I hadn’t noticed it before. So that means that 3 of 4 external windows show signs of water intrusion around the window.

I have told the building and waiting for them to fix it. This isn’t to complain, but just to say that what may make you happy will make others unhappy. Now you could argue that water intrusion only happens with neglected properties and that is true. This apartment is neglected, and I have asked them to make many repairs to it which they have done. Still, they did it very slowly and it only damaged their property more. Bad landlords are the rule it seems.

When it was raining this weekend I could only see all of the benefits of the rain. It cleans the cars and streets, it waters the lawn and trees, and it makes everything look nicer. I once traveled to a Mexican town to visit a friend and it was dusty. Everything was coated in dust. It reminded me of where I grew up. I knew that I only wanted to live where it wasn’t a desert, and I have lived in some lovely non-desert environments. I feel so lucky to be where I am now.

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