OpenSuse kept prompting me for the Wifi password

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Questions To Protect
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OpenSuse kept prompting me for the Wifi password every time I restarted it. I thought this was an interesting take on security. Don’t save the password and then you don’t have to worry about it being compromised.

However, I am lazy and today I looked at the wifi properties more closely. You are given the choice to allow the password to be used for only the current users or all users of the machine. I thought that was an excellent way to ask people how to save their passwords. It also showed that if you saved it for yourself it would be encrypted and if you saved it for others, then it would be unencrypted. This is a thoughtful touch that helps people start to understand security better. I didn’t pay close enough attention to this when I first joined the Wifi network. My bad.

A few days ago I set up the system to allow Hypervisors to work. I wanted to install Android so that I could potentially use the Marvel Strike Force app in an emulated Android environment. There are specific apps that you can buy that do this. I am not that motivated. If it was easy I would do it but it wanted me to format the hard disk and I had no idea what I was doing. I had never set up an Android environment before. The installer wasn’t intuitive so I just have to let that sit until I feel more motivated to give it a second try.

I also need to state that I am so impressed with the screen capture program called Spectacle. It has more options than any free Mac/windows functionality that I know of. It is very similar to Snag-It. Built-in with Spectacle is the ability to record as well. There are also free third-party applications. It is remarkable how little you have to spend on Linux. I love that it remembers the last folder I used, Pictures, and when I save it as the file with the name, it is exactly where it needs to be so I can use it. It’s easier than Mint Linux, Windows, and the Mac. With those you have to choose the folder you want to save it to or dig into a subfolder like Screenshots to get where you want to go. Dolphin/Windows Explorer has your files one click away.

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Even though the installation looked more complicated with OpenSuse compared to Linux Mint, the use of OpenSuse is superior. If someone asked me what to use this is what I would suggest with LM being second.