OpenSuse is better in some ways than Linux Mint

Opensuse 15.5 Screenshot
Opensuse 15.5 Screenshot
OpenSUSE 15.5 screenshot

I was surprised when I finished installing OpenSuse. It showed my second monitor, which is an HDMI output to a projector. I had to do something complicated to get the NVIDIA driver seen in Linux Mint for that to happen.

So that is the biggest difference so far I have seen. I am using it now. I deleted Windows 11 and installed it natively. Right now I have two Linux OS dual booting on an MSI gaming computer. Linux Mint and OpenSuse. Both of them work better than Windows which the laptop was designed for.

It was a pleasure that, unlike other distros in the past, I didn’t have to fight to get certain hardware recognized. That was one of the biggest downsides for the average person. Even if someone helped them install Linux, could it work on the hardware they had? In the past, the biggest issues I had with compatibility were always around wifi connections and video drivers. Even now Linux Mint is suboptimal in how it handles NVIDIA drivers then OpenSuse.

Oh, I love it. My mouse was moving slower than I wanted so I just adjusted the mouse properties. There was a choice called Pointer Acceleration none or standard. Your intrepid writer chose standard and the mouse is flying now. I love it. I am a lazy mouser. I want to move the mouse as little as possible.

Now to be honest there is a quirk where when you first boot into the desktop with the projector connected the screen doesn’t show the display correctly. However, it shows both displays mostly 90% correctly, which is a vast improvement over Linux Mint. It took me an hour to adjust the settings to my liking with LM. I bet it will take less time. The quick fix is to unplug and replug the HDMI. If I had to take a guess the window manager is probably drawing the primary desktop and then when the secondary device comes online, it switches it over imperfectly. They probably didn’t have my use case in mind for a slower secondary display to also display. Some research will figure this out. However even if I left it as it is, it is far better than LM. LM wouldn’t show a second desktop from HDMI at all and that was its biggest issue. Not something that I think many people will have to deal with.

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Well, I am going to figure out how to get the display to look perfect when I first start up. I’ll let you know what I find out.