OpenSuse has superior device handling


Why do I say that? I noticed that when my batteries on my wireless Bluetooth headphones were low there was a notification that popped up that warned me they were low and I needed to recharge. That is fantastic.

One of the problems that I had with Windows/Mac and Bluetooth headphones in the past was that it wasn’t obvious when they were low on charge. Even though I would put them in the dock to charge, sometimes it wouldn’t start charging or it would look like it was charging and it wasn’t. That’s part of the reason that I bought these headphones. Two reasons. One was I needed better noise cancelation and the the second was I needed better battery life.

So what this means now is that I just need to pay attention to the notification and I will never worry about running out of battery power for my wireless headphones again. I can also solve this problem by charging it once a week. It’s a pleasure to not feel like a slave to charging things.

Now to be fully transparent, I did have one failure with my headphones and OpenSuse. I attended a meeting and the other participant said he couldn’t hear me. When I joined the same meeting from my Mac his audio worked perfectly. I had done a meeting an hour prior with the same settings and it worked fine so it is unclear what happened. Still that has been the only failure of either the headphones or mic in a Zoom/Teams meeting. If I had to guess, because the headphones can connect to two devices simultaneously it could have been connected to my iPhone still and therefore not transmitting/receiving. One option would be to disconnect the headphones from your smartphone before a meeting to eliminate this probably rare issue. I have had dozens of meetings both Zoom/Teams in OpenSuse with this headset/built-in mic that have worked perfectly so I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

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I have investigated buying the next step up from this headset and they are having a sale now so it’s pretty tempting. Yesterday when I had to charge the battery I used my Loop earplugs which worked great to block out the construction noise. Unfortunately, the headset couldn’t block out the construction noise yesterday because they were twice as loud as usual. I have looked at the competition and tried them and was not impressed. They were flimsy and didn’t work as well as this. I would use both headsets and always have one charging. Plus I would dedicate one to the phone and one to the computer so that would eliminate the possible issue above. Overkill? Probably but when you are meeting clients you want them to have the best first impression.