OpenSuse has Clipboard Contents

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I noticed this some time ago but didn’t think much of it. I had been trained by Mac/windows to not care about the clipboard contents.

However, I started investigating it today and it is powerful. Not only does it remember text but also images. This is incredible. Now if you need something you don’t have to stop and think about what tab was it in, or where I need to go to copy it again you can just click there and copy and paste it.

I have often wanted when using Windows/Mac a better clipboard. Something that can make obvious what I am copying and pasting. This program allows you to configure it by right-clicking on it and it was fantastic with all of the options. If you aren’t satisfied with the options I can’t imagine what you would be satisfied with. Sometimes when I see the preferences of programs and what people can choose I wonder why it is necessary. I remember that perhaps people are using things in ways I can’t conceive of and have use cases I don’t know. If it exists, then there are probably a sizeable number of people using it.

Is there a downside to this program? I don’t think so. You can limit it in many ways so I don’t see it as a security risk. Besides, we always lock our computer when we step away so it is a non-issue right? Anyway, this will be incorporated into my future work style and make my life a little bit easier. I am looking forward to using this tool.

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