OpenSuse has an Emoji selector?

Emoji Selector Opensuse
Emoji Selector Opensuse
Emoji selector OpenSuse

I have been looking over the applications that come standard on this OpenSuse distro. It has an emoji selector.

What is that? It is a program that specifically shows a large amount of emojis that are categorized in several tabs and you can do a search as well. I guess if you are a hardcore emoji user this can be helpful to you. I’m not fond of them so this doesn’t appeal to me.

Still, the fact that they included it is interesting. Different generations use emojis differently in the office. Here is an article that discusses this further.

In Slack people like to use the thumbs up and also it appears in Teams/Zoom as well. I think this is going to be overused and fall out of favor. I have used this in this way since my coworkers did this and “when in Rome act like a Roman”. I agree with Gen Z. Emojis need to be more nuanced.

I rarely use an emoji as long-term readers will have noticed. To me they are so generic they mean very little. I don’t want to communicate less, I want to communicate more.

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