OpenSuse and linux wins on accessibility options

Accessible Coconut
Accessible Coconut
Accessible Coconut

I discovered something yesterday in OpenSuse that stunned me. It was called KMousetool and the purpose of it is to do auto-clicking of a mouse.

To be honest I had never run across this kind of tool before. I couldn’t imagine how I could use it. I had no problem clicking the mouse button. Then it hit me: people with muscle issues like fine motor control would find that difficult, which would be very helpful.

I was touched. Someone thought of making someone’s life easier and included this feature. I did a quick Google search and the AI answer was that auto-clicker functionality is not built into Windows 11. I never saw it on the Mac either. What is even more touching is that there is a special Linux distribution specifically made for people with unique requirements for accessibility.

From the article above:

Accessible-Coconut is a Linux distro tailor-made for the visually impaired. Based on Ubuntu 20.04, the distro comes with MATE Desktop. It has many useful pre-loaded applications that save the user from installation hassles.

This is amazing. Windows/Mac like to brag about how they have accessibility tools but the biggest problem of accessibility they can’t fix. People can’t use those tools if they can’t afford the computer. With this Accessible-Coconut Linux version, even people with limited incomes could use an old computer or buy an old computer at a pawn shop and have an IT friend install this. They can be contributing members of society because someone has thought about them and included them as part of society.

Any of us could have an auto accident and not be able to contribute to others because of our situation. Tools like this make all of the difference between a life of boredom and depression, and a life of meaning and purpose. Bravo people!

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