OpenSuse allows you to easily make a network QR code

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Why would you want to do this? By just looking at the QR code with their phone, device, or computer they can get your network information and password without the hassle of typing it in. Awesome!

Here is an example of that. It was so easy to do. I only had to click on the Wifi icon and after I had joined it asked if I wanted to create a QR code. I never had Windows/Mac ask me that. This would help anyone. Kids, guests, people who are differently abled, or just lazy people like me.

Is there a downside to using QR codes? Not that I can think of. They are very popular in business and are increasingly used for personal reasons as well.

Since I am at a friend’s house I am using their 40-inch TV as my monitor. This is the first time that I tested how it works with a TV and it was flawless. It recognized the resolution and immediately automatically offered me to choose how I wanted to display it on the secondary device. In Windows, you have to tell it when you have a secondary device/display. OpenSuse recognized it and gave me the window to choose. This is superior. Rather than asking someone to remember an infrequently used key sequence it prompted them. For users who might connect to a board room system or some working system that isn’t wireless, this is a time and energy saver.

I am using my secondary computer because it is lighter than my MSI gaming computer. It only has one video card so all of the secondary connections to displays have been flawless. It is an older Thinkpad and very quiet. Plus my friend lives in a dangerous neighborhood and if it got stolen I would be less anxious about it. Now I could have used their old MacBook but I am tired of that so it was worth it to me to bring this computer. Plus I was curious to see how it handled the TV as an output.

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Now I only have two computers to use. Somehow I think I can manage.