On the verge of victory

Marvel Strike Force Logo

Remember that Strike Force game I have mentioned before? I am on the verge of victory.

Last year, we had an event where you had to do many tasks to unlock a major player. I am close to finishing the last task and then when I unlock him I will be able to enter a new competition class. I am not a competitive player, but I need this character so that I can keep the benefits that come from the rank I have achieved.

Marvel Strike Force Logo
marvel strike force logo

I have played many online games where you progress your character but this one so far is my favorite. I love the Marvel characters, just like I love the DC characters. It is fun to be able to combine them to address different challenges. I have certain characters that are my favorite, but I can’t let my love for them decide how valuable they are in the game. The game prefers certain characters and you have to use them if you want to progress.

In life, we often want to do something that doesn’t help us. I have seen people hold onto beliefs and behaviors that hurt them. As much as you may like doing something, being able to rationally evaluate if this is helping you helps you succeed in every domain in life.

Now since the game is online, it has rolling targets and I can’t ever truly win the game. However, just like life, that isn’t the point. The point is to enjoy the journey, and so far life has given me an interesting journey full of ups/downs. Isn’t the variety of life one of the main enjoyments?

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