Notifications only show in OpenSuse when they are active

Tumbleweed Open Suse
Tumbleweed Open Suse
tumbleweed open suse

One of the other things that I like about OpenSuse is the way that it handles notifications.

It is irritating to see an old notification on the iPhone or Windows that you have previously looked at. I never have that problem with OpenSuse. It shows the notification and then the icon hides when it doesn’t have anything to show. It is fantastic and intuitive.

I also like that it hides when you don’t need it. Rather than clutter up the UI, it says “I’ve done my job and I’m no longer needed.” That is superior logic. Many times with Windows/Mac they have things that they want to show off like the notification center, but the best notifications are only there when you need them and then disappear. There is no need to overwhelm users with information they don’t need.

Remember earlier when I shared that the Samsung TV didn’t seem to handle having the laptop sleep? Well, this morning was different. The computer was in sleep mode, I closed the lid and that is the default behavior. When I woke the laptop up and selected HDMI2 as the port it instantly showed the TV. I wonder if my earlier problems were due to futzing around with the display settings too much. Selecting a source on the TV remote control was easy and when it immediately showed the picture I was like “This is nice.” Time will tell how TV output goes but this is a good sign.

I had updates to do for the first time yesterday and the software update window popped up and I said install updates. Then it restarted and even flashed the firmware of the Thinkpad! That surprised me. I figured they would only have a Windows utility for this. It was a nice touch and would influence my decision to use a ThinkPad again for Linux. The fact that any company supports something is a reason to use it.

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