Not impressed with Steam gaming on linux

Best Linux Gaming Distributions
Best Linux Gaming Distributions
Best Linux gaming distributions

At least for me, I am not impressed with Steam gaming on Linux. I have only tried Cities Skyline however and that was slow on Windows and Mac. It might be just that application.

Linux native games seem to work well. As part of this review, I tried to use which is another way to optimize games on Linux. Unfortunately, it said that my password was wrong, even when I reset it three times and it couldn’t be wrong. This will be another thing I will see if I can figure out. Steam is supposed to have Proton to optimize games for Linux but I didn’t find it to be useful enough for that game.

I will continue to try playing different games, but right now the only game that I want to play is Strike Force on my iPad. There might be a way to have an Android emulator in Linux. I did some preliminary research. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll try it and see what happens.

Simple games like Klondike Solitare are good enough. Many games just are so time-consuming to play. I like being able to pick something up and set it down as I need to without feeling that I have to invest more time in it.

Online games seem to play well on every platform. I tried them in Linux Mint and they seemed just as good as they did in Windows/Mac. Still, they are pretty simple and I like games where you can progress and save your game. Yes, I know you can log in and save your progress but they are still pretty simple and not much fun to play after a short time.

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Now a game that had a full user experience like a car racing game that moved me around would be very compelling to me. Anything that moved my body would be fun to play even if it was simple. I enjoyed playing car racing games where the platform moved with the video game. So games that aren’t interactive are kind of less fun. Did malls and video arcades spoil us?