Not everyone is going to appreciate you

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Not everyone is going to appreciate you and that is ok.

In life you will have doors open and close to you not because of what you know, or anything logically relevant to the situation but if the other person likes you. It is best to not be attached to if people like you or not. You can’t control this.

Lots of people watch and use tricks to be charming or trying to build rapport. I am not saying that you should go around being a jerk, but you can be kind and other people don’t notice. Not everyone is sensitive, and even those who are sensitive don’t always pay attention. Don’t expect that your consideration and patience with others will be reflected to you. That isn’t just how life works.

It has been my experience that some people just aren’t open and ready to deal with others that are different from themselves. I have been called quirky and unique, and part of that is that often I look at things more deeply. Not everyone wants to look at things deeply. My sense of humor is often because of the contraction between what people are saying and what they are doing. It is very easy for me to find the hypocrisy in myself or others. We often say things and do the complete opposite. We just have to be honest with that. My sense of humor is to make others feel more comfortable and capable. It doesn’t help anyone to make others feel bad.

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At times people will give you feedback that makes no sense. It is contradictory. I was once told that I was both too much of a leader and not enough of one. The person didn’t want to discuss those details or specific examples. I can’t improve with feedback that is contradictory. If you do get feedback that is contradictory you can safely ignore it. It is clear that the person giving you the feedback doesn’t care about telling you the truth.

You aren’t a victim because other people don’t like you. You are something that they are not mature enough to deal with. That is their problem not yours.