No one expects you to have answers

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No one expects you to have answers, so don’t beat yourself up.

As much as our brains like to think that a logical answer is helpful, oftentimes it isn’t. Most of life is just to endure, and if you can do that you have done enough.

I am not suggesting that we need to suffer in silence. However, saying something always isn’t the answer as well. There are no simple answers in life and those who try to tell you simple solutions have an incomplete understanding of reality.

No dog in this fight. I do not have anything to gain by sharing this. I share my realizations as they come to me. I have seen that often when people ask for answers, they won’t accept facts that are the real answers. People often want to hear something that they want to hear and only they know what it is.

For example, I once was interviewed for a position and the interviewer asked how many golf balls could fit inside of a plane. He asked me to share my process of trying to figure it out. I was working an IT job at a retail store. There was no relevance in his question.

Google used to ask these questions and no longer asks them since they are not relevant and never were. It was a silly fad and totally useless.

Often people who want to appear smart do and say things that have no scientific or logical reason. Do not try to figure things out. You will waste your time on energy on people who don’t have a helpful intention with their questions.

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I have wasted too much time in my life answering questions from people who are not sincere. It doesn’t matter how thoughtful or knowledgeable you are, some people only want to hear what they agree with. Do not waste your time on people who only want to know others like them.