No means No

boundaries comic

I don’t know why I have to remind people this, but no means no.

Listen sales people I understand that you have to overcome objections. I get it. However some people will never be your target, and when you keep pursuing them you not only waste your time but theirs.

boundaries comic
boundaries comic

I respond to every InMail LinkedIn message I get. I often tell people No I am not interested. If they respond to that with an attempt to continue to sell to me I block them. It is simple. You waste people’s time when you don’t respect boundaries.

People that don’t respect boundaries are an immediate red flag to me. It is the first thing that makes me say no in any relationship or situation. If I tell someone that I am not comfortable with something that they ask, and they continue to pursue it then the relationship is over. You can’t have a one-sided relationship.

It doesn’t matter what you try to dangle as a reward, if someone says no they aren’t going to do it. I have said no to recruiters and then come back with a higher salary offer or other benefits. I don’t care what is offered. If I don’t think it is a good fit and something that can be a win/win then stop trying to pursue it.

Recruiters/people on LinkedIn are especially aggressive. I have met more people who won’t take a no here than anywhere else. If someone says no to me, I say thank you and move on. I do not try to manipulate people into a decision that is against what they believe to be their best interests.

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Please, people, listen when someone tells you no.