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New priority in life buy easy to assemble furniture

Furniture Cartoon

I just finished assembling a TV stand. It was the easiest assembly I have ever done. It only had 10 screws to attach.

Why did I choose it? I liked the style and price and I thought it would be easy to assemble since it was a very simple design. I was right. It only took me 20 minutes to assemble and less than an hour to clean up and do everything. I am so thrilled.

Furniture Cartoon
furniture cartoon

I have been assembling everything else at my new apartment, my desk, couch, projector screen, bed frame, and side table. By far this was a pleasure to do. One of the hidden things with assembly is that when you buy cheap often you gamble on how difficult it will be to set up. Other pieces I have already shared were more challenging to set up. Not because it was complicated. It was because the metal was bent, the holes were not aligned, the instructions were wrong, so many things you wouldn’t think would matter but do.

My first furniture purchase from Macy’s and it turned out great. It had a new type of wood I had never tried before Acacia. It generally looks nice but it is so heavy. I read it was heavy but I didn’t think it would be this heavy. While it is interesting, I probably wouldn’t buy it again because I don’t need something this heavy-duty. It will probably be the last thing to break in this apartment that I have bought.

The price was very reasonable about $180 and the only reason I am not linking to it is because I am not selling it. This is just to share my experience and see if you might benefit from this. My favorite kind of wood is cedar. I love how that smells. Probably the most familiar wood I know is Oak. Wood doesn’t do anything for me so why did I buy this? Mostly because of the price. The other options to support a 55-inch TV were not worth it in my opinion. I wanted something slim so it wouldn’t get in the way of walking to my side of the bed. It had to match what the side stand was and I was curious about this kind of wood. Curiosity probably has inspired 95% of my purchases. I wonder how much richer I would be if I wasn’t curious. I wonder? Being curious about being curious! When does it stop?

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