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New headphones today I’m looking forward to

quiet headphones comic

I am going to receive new headphones today I’m looking forward to.

Why? Where I live has a nice background noise that can interfere with listening to music and meetings. Often in meetings, people whisper and I don’t want to miss anything. In my past apartment, there were all kinds of random and loud noises. Now there is only background noise and I find it more relaxing.

The headphones have noise canceling features and I’ve had noise canceling features before in another famous headset but I didn’t find it to be effective. There are many reasons that I am excited about the headphones. They say they have a 50-hour battery life, unlike the 25-hour battery life of my current ones. You would think that would be sufficient but when you increase the volume to hear in meetings, it reduces the life of the headset.

quiet headphones comic
quiet headphones comic

Plus there are many little things that are annoying about the Astro headset as it ages. It has a docking station but it is harder to get the headphones set in the docking station so that it charges properly. Just now I remembered to adjust it so that it would charge for today. I set it to charge last night but it must have gotten moved and didn’t charge but discharged. This is kind of annoying to deal with. When I have multiple meetings during the day I have sometimes had not to use them since they didn’t have enough charge for more meetings. This is partly my fault. I am using gaming headphones for business use, which is not what they were designed for. Once I test the new headphones if they seem better I will share the name and let you know the pros/cons of them. They cost $250 which is the same price as the current Astro. What about the Blackshark headphones I bought for $150? I still love those but they don’t have sound canceling for the earpieces just the microphone. Those are at a friend’s house so I can use them when I watch movies there. They are still in excellent shape and I still find them excellent headphones.

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Yes, I am getting more selective about headphones. Both of these are the best headphones I have ever used, but the chance to fix some of these irritations is too tempting to me. There are other ways that the new headphones will be better. For example, without a charging base, it will take less room on my desk and the Astros will be the backup headphones. Also, the Astro’s seem to have problems with both Windows 10/11. I mentioned before how they don’t show properly as the current in sound inputs.

I stopped writing this because my new headphones got delivered. I am using them now and will report later.