New apartment is warm!

Staying Warm Comic

I like being warm and the new apartment is certainly warm.

I haven’t lived anywhere where the heat was included and works. Yesterday I was hot and while it was uncomfortable I loved it. I just shut the window thinking about the heat. I don’t want it to get too cold and be triggered to come on again.

Staying Warm Comic
staying warm comic

When you grow up in a desert you become accustomed to being warm. My family had AC and many families didn’t, so I always felt privileged to have that. I know worldwide not everyone has AC which is incredible to me. The new apartment has a combination AC/Heat unit near the window so I feel so fortunate. I know that using electricity for heat is very costly, but in the past, I didn’t have many choices.

Now I have given away the electric heaters I used to have because I won’t need them. Lots of upsides in the new place, and only one minor downside. The traffic noise is louder than I remember when I first visited it. I know I will get used to it, and I started to last night when I fell asleep quickly. It was a busy day moving things for me and setting things up. I was glad when I could relax and play Strike Force.

One of the things in my life even though I have moved often is that I never hire movers. I have read too many stories that were nightmares of people who had their stuff held hostage. So my way of moving is to give things to friends and then buy new things and have them mailed and I assemble them. It works for me. This week I will be assembling many things and I am looking forward to it. I get new and different furniture which is something that is like a puzzle and fun for me. I like strategy games and it’s fun to figure things out, even when it is frustrating at times.

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Life can be frustrating at times, but generally, things get better. I love being where I am and hope you do as well.