Need to lose weight? Get a projector!

Projector Comic Gingerbread
Projector Comic Gingerbread
projector comic gingerbread

I had to laugh today when I realized that I am going to lose weight from having a projector.

Why? I have the projector close to the screen and when I brush past it to sit on the couch I sometimes move it. Also the projector sometimes automatically adjusts the image to something it thinks is better. Almost every day I have to slightly adjust the projector so it is perfectly horizontal/vertical.

This isn’t a bother it is rather fun. I am learning with Ultra Short Throw projectors the exact relationship between distance, resolution, Operating System and so many other fun and interesting things. Today for example I adjusted one of the legs to be longer slightly and I have played with the height in the past. It is remarkable how complex the thrown image is from this kind of projector.

Why am I sharing this? I found the scale and so for the first time in a month, I weighed myself today. I feel good where I am and lost some weight in the past few months. I care about being healthy and the daily salads have helped tremendously as well. Besides adjusting the projector I get to do laundry and keep the place clean which is just self-motivating because it is so beautiful. I had no idea I was living in such a dump before. Low standards save you money but there is something to be said for a nice environment as well.

Also, the projector continues to surprise me daily. Last night I was watching David Attenborough and PlanetII and it just had such beautiful images on this huge screen. I felt like I was in the iMax theatre I once visited and was so amazed with. I never would have imagined I would be in this place in my life now. Life is good!

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