Need more help than a regular band aid can provide?

second skin screenshot

Do you need more help than a regular band-aid can provide? Have you tried Advanced healing band-aids?

I did in the past and they worked wonderfully. I didn’t use the band-aid brand just a generic drugstore brand that worked fine. Yesterday I ordered these Band-Aid Hydro Seals since they were about 5 dollars. Normally this kind of advanced bandage cost about $1 per bandage or $10 for 10.

I have also bought other types of band-aids and they worked great as well. I had a hang nail last week that was painful and I used this Spenco second skin. It worked wonderfully. It immediately stopped the pain from the skin that was separated and when it dried I removed it and I didn’t feel any more pain. The reviews of it say that it can be used for a variety of skin problems: irritations, burns, cuts, and so on and I am going to experiment with this one further. If you use this you probably need to buy some white medical tape to keep these attached if you go to sleep. They are sticky but they would not survive a night of twisting and turning on their own.

Now I have a friend who gets blisters so I thought this might be interesting to try.  So she used this and said that overnight it healed the blister and the skin around it looked almost normal. It was amazing. The downside is that the adhesive is very strong, so probably using it on your feet area works best rather than more delicate skin areas.

In the past, I had tried regular band-aids and Neosporin or Bactrian antibiotics, and that didn’t seem to do much for me. The scientific research on this is mixed as well. I don’t mind paying a bit more to see faster healing.

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