My shameful secret – please don’t read

Mens Makeup Comic

I was told as a child and the policy was in the US that certain gateway experiences would lead you to worse things. The entire D.A.R.E program taught us about drugs so we avoided them. I don’t think my classmates avoided them, but that is another story.

Mens Makeup Comic
men’s makeup comic

I was thinking yesterday about how gateway experiences might lead someone to a life of debased debauchery and crime. I have a confession to make, I think I started acting because of a gateway experience.

It started simply enough as all origin stories do. I was at the photographers trying to get a family photo and my mother said that a little bit of her foundation would cover up a skin problem. Who was I to argue? She put the makeup on me, and from then on, I knew my life would never be the same.

Yes, from that tender age, I wanted to know what excessive makeup felt like. I wanted to clog my pores more so that I could feel even more awkward and ugly. That’s why the first time that I could join a drama class I did. It wasn’t because I loved Shakespeare. The dirty truth is that I just wanted more makeup to feel pretty.

It continued through high school. Sure, they all start small. All addictions. I had to get my makeup kit to be sanitary, and I continued to act in high school. I didn’t want to act. I didn’t want the friendships, fun, or any of that. I just wanted a socially approved way to wear makeup and I did it.

Kids, don’t be like me. Don’t take a wholesome activity like using makeup and make your entire personality around it. I don’t care if you do drugs but don’t mess with makeup.

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