More people using Pot than drinking

drugs cartoon
drugs cartoon
drugs cartoon

This is interesting. More people are using Pot than drinking.

Pot people are using it every day and high-frequency drinking is less common. I don’t have a position on this. Whatever people want to do as a consenting adults is their business. I believe that includes everything in life.

Now it does pose some interesting questions. Does this mean that the average person is more stressed and that’s why this is happening daily? Does it mean that people will be more chill? I have had a few friends who smoked pot but I never tried it. As a HSP it didn’t seem like a good idea to mess with drugs. Honestly, if food makes me feel sick, a known drug isn’t going to probably help me.

It also helps to know your weaknesses. If you are addicted to food, or anything then perhaps messing around with something that can make you feel good isn’t helpful. Not using drugs also makes me feel great when recruiters ask “Do you have any problems with a drug screen.” No, I do not. I warn them that I am a boring person and they aren’t going to learn anything interesting but I always do whatever a company asks to show them that I am what I claim to be. A ready and able worker.

I do have to say however that I have worked at the majority of companies that don’t do drug testing and they somehow can get things done. I think that drug testing is silly. If you can’t trust your employees then you have multiple problems. First with managers, second with measuring outputs, and third with the culture. If people can’t pass drug tests to get a job what kind of people are you limited from using? Many brilliant people used drugs and much harder than Pot.

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I am not saying that using drugs is ok, but that for some people it seems to increase their creativity and they have spoken about it. Many famous people have said that their ideas came from using drugs. I wonder if our “productivity” will be enhanced the more people are baked.