Minor things to fix at the new apartment

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I love the new apartment, but there have been some minor things to fix. It is about perfect, but I wanted to share one trick I learned in case it could help you.

If anyone has hair in your life that hair often clogs the shower drain. Even with a trap, it always seems to be an issue. To fix this a clean toilet plunger does the job great. You simply fill up the tub with enough water to allow the plunger to create suction, which is generally 2/3 inches, and then go to town. Often all kinds of junk will be pulled up and out and it looks gross and terrible. Then it begins to drain very quickly.

Apartments For Dogs
apartments for dogs

I have done with 3 different showers now and it has worked like a charm. I have two plungers, one for regular use and one that is “clean”. The clean plunger is also the backup emergency plunger of course, since I have shared before that 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

Before I did this, they had some lye that I applied twice to see if it would help. It helped very little. Lye works great when the drains are clean, and if you use it every six months at most, it will keep the drains clean. It says to use it every month, but with two people six months seems fine. I suppose if you lived with more people then monthly would be a reasonable schedule.

I also have the AC guy coming by on Thursday to see if I can connect my smartphone to the AC/Heater unit window unit. The company said that their unit wasn’t working right and said they could fix it in the hour it would take. The panel on the unit doesn’t work correctly in my opinion, so if this fixes it, then not only will the direct interface work but it will work from my smartphone. That would be neat.

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Still, even with these minor issues, this place is easily the nicest place I have lived. I feel so fortunate to be here.