Microsoft didn’t want to help me fix double billing

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Microsoft didn’t want to help me fix a double billing issue. Here is what happened.

I noticed on my Credit Card statement that there were two charges from Microsoft. I only bought one subscription service so I immediately called them and verified one of the accounts. They said that my information didn’t verify a second account and that for security, there was nothing more that they can do. I of course disagreed and tried to show them how unreasonable this assertion is. I offered other ways to verify me like sending an SMS or asking for something different from the account, and if my information didn’t match then just close that account. They didn’t want to lift a finger to help me.

I only had one more card to play in this situation. I told them that I would cancel my card and they didn’t care. I told them to cancel the service that I was paying for as well, so they would get nothing. They didn’t care but said they would call me back once that account was closed.

They called me back a week later and told me that account was closed. I told them that I canceled my card. I asked them what would happen once the account wasn’t paid, and they said they would close it for non-payment. I said then you can close the account, you just didn’t want to.

Listen I get that Microsoft doesn’t want to be responsible for someone lying and closing an account. However, in this case, where there is an apparent charge and nothing more can be done, that is not a good way to do business. You force your customers to close their credit card and the resulting bad karma will mean that they won’t ever want to do business with you again.

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I get it. Microsoft doesn’t care about one person. I do care, and this has changed my relationship with them.