Microsoft didn’t know its network was hacked for two months

Spider Web Hack

Not a great sign. You can read more here.

One of the things that I don’t understand about security is how flimsy it is. Almost each day has a new hack and it isn’t always clear how long the hack has been going on. For example, VMware servers could have been accessed for years by China. Given VMwares recent uncertainties, this would be an immediate reason to move away from that platform.

Spider Web Hack
spider web hack

People make the mistake that the biggest companies have the best security. They do not. They all talk a good game, but ultimately if you are putting yourself out there as secure someone wants to take you down. There is every reason to do it for someone who has the skills and lacks the ethics.

When I read the security news every day I am just astounded how often these problems occur. If the general population knew how unsafe technology is, I think that would change how society works. We like the convenience of electronic transactions, but we aren’t willing to step up to deal with the dark side. The ability to profit and hurt others by acting in ways that only benefit a small group of people.

It is obvious that the future is tech crime will cost people’s lives like when they attack infrastructure and hospitals. I wonder where our sense of priorities will be then?

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