Marvel Strike Force Old Man Logan the most powerful?

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One of the Marvel Strike Force content creators said that Old Man Logan might be the most powerful character in the game. I agree with that.

Part of the game is called Arena and that is where everyone competes to be #1. Each day the higher you rank the more rewards you get. However, it is also true that to rank highly in Arena you have to be a very engaged player, and probably also spending money for most people. Most people don’t have the time to learn all of the details or do all of the small tasks it takes, so buying their way to the top is easier.

I don’t mind this. If they pay for the game then others don’t have to. I could do better if I spent more money but I am happy where I am at. There are always going to be better people than you, and it isn’t worth the money to me to be better. The reason I am sharing this is that Old Man Logan is amazing and I am surprised how even a weak one can make a difference.

I put Old Man Logan on my Arena team and even though he is weak he has defeated some other players. One of the fun aspects of the game is that the most valuable characters frequently change and that keeps things fresh and new. I am close to getting another major character in the game SuperSkrull which many people already have. That’s ok, I came to the game late and I am happy with my progress. Once I get him I will work on the newest character Mephisto.

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Playing this is a fun diversion and interesting to see the characters using their powers and signature moves. One day people will be able to have AI applied to them and then we can make our games with licensed IP. I look forward to that day.