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Making mistakes is ok

I made a mistake, but making mistakes is ok.

I forgot to bring my key card for work and had to ask to borrow a temporary one. I was really upset about it at first, but then I mellowed and saw the humor in the situation.

It was the first time that I had made this mistake in the year I had worked there. My coworkers were happy to hear that I had forgotten it since everyone else had forgotten theirs at some point in the past. It showed that I was human, and that I made the same mistakes as everyone else.

On another level it reminded me that the drive to be perfect was still around. It gave me a reason to relax and enjoy life rather then be tense. Many times in life we think that something is terrible, but the truth is that life is better than what we think it is.

Of course we always want to do the best we can in life, but at some level we also have to be realistic. We can’t always be at the top, and its ok to sometimes be at the middle or bottom. In fact it makes life more interesting when you have a different point of view and experiences.

Our ego and pride often make us feel embarrassed when we make mistakes. They tell us that other people won’t respect or value us when we do something stupid. The truth is that the best people don’t judge us by our mistakes. They are kind and forgiving and look at the best of us rather than a temporary weakness or mistake.

The other thing I learned is that when you feel hard on yourself there are always others who don’t view you in the same way. I was feeling bad for making this mistake but others saw it in a positive light and enjoyed and laughed at it. Laughter is so helpful, especially when we take ourselves too seriously.

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