Loved watching Jon Stewart last night

Jon Stewart Show

As this Axios article says Jon Stewarts’ return to TDS was a huge success.

What I love about watching it is that while it was sometimes partisan, it wasn’t completely. I appreciate that Jon is wise enough to be concerned about both sides and not make a one-sided argument.

Jon Stewart Show
Jon Stewart The Daily Show

I appreciate that Mr. Stewart breaks down the news thoughtfully and funnily. I was so sad to see him leave and I couldn’t watch it after he was gone. I tried but I just didn’t find it funny. I like that I am surprised by the jokes. The writers are great and I’m sure that he has some of his ideas that he directs them with. It is an adult show in the best way an adult show should be. It is intelligent, it is timely and it hopefully makes people better citizens and people.

It’s okay if you don’t agree with his point of view. He says some negative things about Biden so if you don’t like Biden there are reasons for you to watch. More importantly, he makes the point that the age of the candidates is unprecedented. No one is saying that older people are not capable, but to be fair Mr. Stewart showed both candidates with concerning lapses of judgment and speech.

It is not my goal to persuade anyone about who they should vote for. That is between them and their conscience. I appreciate that The Daily Show is bringing back some intelligence to entertainment. You have been sorely missed, Jon.

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