Loop earplugs vs Sennheiser Accentum

Loop Earplugs
Loop Earplugs
loop earplugs

I said I would try it and I just did. I put in my Loop earplugs and then put on my headphones. It was very interesting.

The Loop earphones say on the box that they block 19DB of sound. It sounded strange to hear the music and have everything be muffled because of the Loop. Sound is fun, isn’t it?

I didn’t leave them in for long. The pressure with both the Loop and the active noise canceling was slightly uncomfortable to me. Plenty of space in the earpiece but I didn’t enjoy the sensation. Would it work for others perhaps? It certainly was quiet when I didn’t play the music. I couldn’t hear anything.

For some people sound can be difficult for them to process and deal with. For HSP it is an irritant. We can deal with things, but they add stress. After a while, the stress becomes too much. At times in the past in noisy office settings, I would go outside the office to a quiet place for a few minutes to deal with the overload. A trip to the bathroom can provide the same kind of relief.

Do I wish I had these earlier in my career? Yes. I wish I had both of these earlier in my career. I have tried many headphones in my life and they were what I could afford and what reviews said were the best at the time. You learn with time that certain brands work better for your preferences. To me, Sennheiser seems to be a good brand for me. Now if I wanted to spend more money I am sure there are better things. These are good enough however and I am enjoying them greatly.

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If sound is a problem for you, you might be an HSP. Ot there are other reasons that you can talk to your doctor about. You can live your life and enjoy it with a little bit of self-care.