Loop ear plugs work great

Loop Earplugs
Loop Earplugs
loop earplugs

No, I am not being sponsored by them, I used them yesterday and they worked great.

Why would I use them when I rant and rave about my headphones? Simple, I needed to charge my headphones. They told me “Recharge”. I was like ok and then they turned off. That is fantastic. Now you don’t have to worry about when they are going to discharge. You just use them until they stop working and then in 15 minutes, you can get enough of a charge to last the rest of the day. Easy.

This was a gift from a friend and I received the white ones. They have different earplug sizes so the medium seemed to work best for me. They also stayed in my ears which most earpieces don’t seem to do. I don’t tend to wear things that depend on the ear to support them. In the past, they haven’t worked well for me. I was surprised when this seemed to work for the several hours I had them in.

Is there a downside? It was a little tricky getting the different earplug sizes installed on it. It is a very tight fit. Which makes sense considering where they are going. Would I buy it? Sure they seem to work better than other kinds of hearing protection I have used. Now if you want to hear music I wrote another article about the Sennheiser audio reduction for concerts. The person I gave them to said they worked well and said they could still hear the music well. Previously they had been using cheap foam inserts.

Will this work for you at work? Probably much lighter than wearing headphones. However of course the advantage of wearing headphones is that you can do meetings if you need to. I would have to take these out to understand people in meetings. I guess I could try putting them in and wearing the headphones. That would be strange but I’ll try it. I’m curious.

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