Looking for a Communications Expert, Brand and Content Strategist?

divorce comic

I have been working with one and she is the best communications person I have ever worked with. You can read her LinkedIn profile here.

divorce comic
divorce comic

A year ago I was looking at how to take my website to the next level. I am not a communications expert, and no matter how many articles I read or YouTube videos I watched I would never be an expert. I searched and found a fantastic content strategist who also is a WordPress expert and so many other things.

With her help, my site has improved in every aspect. It has gotten faster, the traffic has doubled, the amount of maintenance I have to do has decreased and it has been more stable. I am so pleased as she proactively finds ways to help make my site easy to use and responsive on all devices like smartphones and tablets.

In addition, she has translated some of my articles into Mandarin which would have been too expensive for me to pay for myself. I have asked native Mandarin speakers if they understand the translation and they have told me they are excellent. Even putting it in Google Translate to reverse back to English makes it very understandable even with Google’s terrible translation.

She not only does things accurately and efficiently, she proactively suggests things. She has fixed things that I couldn’t fix and understands how to do all the extra communications/marketing stuff I don’t understand. I consider her a one-woman marketing/PR department.

I was fortunate that she was in school and doing consulting. Now that she graduated with another degree my site continues to improve. It really is remarkable the progress my site has made in so short a time. Listening is a strong skill, and she creatively finds ways to improve upon my ideas.

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I can’t imagine the last year without her help. Once you have her help you, I am sure you will wonder how you managed as well.