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Linux Mint has so many thoughtful touches

Linux Vs Pc Mac
Linux Vs Pc Mac
Linux vs PC mac

Everyday I am seeing the thoughtful touches that make my life easier.

Today for example I wanted to uninstall Firefox which came by default with the system. I googled how to do that, but apparently, I didn’t need to. After I removed it using one line from the terminal, I wondered what would happen if I right-clicked on an application. It turns out that I could uninstall it just by right-clicking on it and choosing it from the option that shows. Wow!

Another nice touch is that every day in the morning the Update Manager automatically does a search and asks if I want to install things like Firefox update this morning. This is a fantastic way to help users keep up to date. I easily set it in the preferences and since it shows on the taskbar it is something people will want to fix. This means that instead of having to manually go to an obscure location to do a Windows update, the Linux update does the hard work and then just asks you for an OK.

Since this is a dual boot system with Windows 11 Pro it also shows the Windows 11 boot volume or Drive C for some people. That means that I can easily put/take files from my Windows environment if I am using it. How fantastic that this works by default? I have not used Windows 11 Pro since installing LM as a dual boot on this computer. I am still in the honeymoon phase of seeing how it can make my life easier.

One of the downsides of having a Windows/mac system is the constant updates. I know that the browser’s constant updates are just annoying. When you have multiple systems it can feel like a full-time job keeping Mac/Windows updated. I don’t feel that with Linux. I just checked and I am one very minor version from the most current Brave version in Linux. With a Mac/windows Chrome/Brave you are doing updates it feels like every week or sometimes more. I can’t remember when I did the last update on the Linux Mint system in Brave. It was something that I forgot about but I don’t miss doing it.

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I am not trying to sell you on Linux Mint. I am just sharing my experience is and that I feel that the OS can help reduce the burden of using a computer. It is thrilling to find ways that make it easier and less drudgery to work. You might say “Oh I need Application X and there is no Linux version.” Then in my opinion you would be ahead to use VirtualBox and make a Windows 11 virtual computer which is easily done and only use it for that one app. Use Linux for everything else. It is that good.

Let’s see if there is anything else I have recently discovered that I enjoy. Oh yes, I enjoy not having things overly integrated and causing problems. For example, I shared before that one of the flaws in iMessage in iOS is that it sometimes doesn’t sync properly to the Mac. I have had now at least 4 times where messages don’t sync to my Mac, and these times were extended periods that required troubleshooting to fix. By not using iMessage on the Mac and only on my phone I don’t have those issues. Integration for Apple with web services is not their strong suite currently. Perhaps that will change.

Well back to the computer. I can’t wait to find out what else I might enjoy using.