LinkedIn said I could verify my work address today

linkedin prision
linkedin prision
LinkedIn prison

LinkedIn asked me something that it has never asked before. It asked if I wanted to verify my work address email. Of course! Let’s give recruiters and people every reason to believe that I am real.

It was really easy. I agreed to do that on the LinkedIn prompt and was quickly sent an email. It had a six-digit code that I entered in the LinkedIn prompt and then it went away. I don’t see any visual difference in the way the profile looks. I imagine however that recruiters have an option to search for profiles with confirmed email addresses, which probably increases the probability that someone is real and verified. I don’t blame people for wanting to verify others, and I support anything that can be done to do this.

According to this LinkedIn article, this looks like it is a newer feature. It says “select companies” and the article itself is only 2 weeks old.

I was wrong it says this “Once you verify your work email, a verification badge will display on your profile under the About section. Others who view your profile will be able to see the verification, but not the actual email address” I just checked and I don’t see any badge and it said I did the process correctly. Perhaps it needs time to update something. I will check later today and then write a post if there is a problem with it not showing.

If this doesn’t show I am not concerned. I don’t think this is going to move the needle on anyone thinking that I am more trustworthy because Microsoft has confirmed my email address. The bar of email is so low that I am not sure what this accomplishes frankly. It would have been better to more prominently feature the CLEAR verification badge, or introduce a third-party trust system to verify people rather than an email. This feels like a cheap attempt to do something it can’t do. Hackers frequently hijack email. Having a real person call the LinkedIn person and quiz them on their profile would be a better way to root out scammers. I doubt people who purchase LinkedIn profiles memorize their content.

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