Less is more with projectors

James Projector
James Projector
James projector

When you get a projector you think I paid for this, let’s see how big I can go. However, I have learned that less is more.

Why do I say this? Yesterday I made another refinement in how the image looks on the screen. It is amazing how little things can make a difference. Each day I test something new out with the projector to see if I can optimize how it looks and how I interact with it.

Today I realize that I should reduce the size of my windows on the display so that I can see the bottom right edge more clearly. I mentioned with my cheap projector that it was impossible to get everything 100% clarity. Using the manual focus wheel one of the edges would be unclear and so to me, the bottom right edge was the least important. This also answers my question about how I like my Linux Mint taskbar to be. I want the taskbar to be at the top so that it doesn’t fall into that unclear bottom right corner. I think having the taskbar at the top is superior to having it at the bottom.

Now because I share the screen with the couch, the screen is halfway centered between the couch and my desk. Since it is so large it doesn’t make any real difference where the screen is. I can easily see everything. I want to be very clear here. By adjusting the size of the application window like Brave browser that I am using, I can avoid any unclarity on the right side and it looks perfect. When your screen size is 10 X 10 feet, you don’t need a window to be full screen.

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Wow. Looking at the screen now it looks the best it has ever been. With the curtains it has great contrast, with the resized window it avoids any fuzzy areas, with the adjusted height of the projector it fills up most of the screen. I am so pleased that I can optimize technology even when it is cheap. I hope this helps you optimize your projector as well.