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On my secondary system, it asked to reboot and install a Lenovo firmware update. I said sure. 10 minutes later I thought I made a terrible mistake.

You see after I let it reboot it said Lenovo and then just sat on the screen for 10 minutes without any sign of life. I thought to myself “Oh brother I must have bricked the system with this update. There are no signs of life.” Now I had just done a Lenovo Thinkpad system update a week ago and it was very fast. It rebooted and then continued and no issues. When this waited at the boot screen for 10 minutes I wasn’t sure what to do.

I knew never to interrupt a BIOS update. I was going to wait an hour for this thing to finish. As I am looking at it I see something very tiny in the smallest text way below normal text size levels. It says Press any key to continue. So I press the spacebar and then the screen goes dark. My heart is beating, the blood is pounding, will this be the end or my salvation? Then the reboot load sequence starts and I am back in business. I’ve had a religious moment just getting my system firmware updated.

Or is it? I don’t care at this point. It is working and that is all that I care about. I would be sad to lose the laptop of course, but since I didn’t buy it, what have I lost? Everything in life is on borrowed time, and that is fine with me. You use something until it breaks and then you move on. You can’t cry over things that break because that’s what everything is going to do.

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It can be scary updating a computer and I understand why people don’t want to do it. But I throw caution to the wind and upgrade my computers with abandon. Whatever happens, I will learn something from it that will help me in my job. Today I learned to just wait and let the ThinkPad tell you when it is ready to move on with life.