Laziness is correlated with high intelligence

emotional intelligence comic

Yes, I can just hear the people clicking on this article now wanting to make sure they are intelligent.

Signs you are intelligent:

-Do you socialize with people and have less life satisfaction?

-Do you have a Cat?

-Are you less active and absorbed in thought?

Then you too might secretly be a genius!

I was called lazy growing up but they didn’t see how much effort it took to focus. When you have ADHD as a kid just paying attention is difficult. Also, it takes energy when you are traumatized, HSP(Highly Sensitive Person), or any other number of conditions that people who don’t suffer from those may have.

There are lots of lists that show signs of intelligence. If I listed them all then everyone would claim they are intelligent. Sometimes people will call me a dummy and I laugh. It’s okay for everyone to have their own opinion of me.

Now that you know you are smart, go take the rest of the day off. Your big brain needs to cool down from all that thinking!

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