Kompare is an excellent OpenSuse tool

Kompare Screenshot
Kompare Screenshot
Kompare screenshot

You have no doubt had a situation where you had to compare two files. In Mac/Windows you have to find a third-party app. With OpenSuse, it is built in and called Kompare.

Many times as an IT person I have had to compare two files. I would google a website or app and then install it. Imagine my surprise when I saw Kompare was included with a default install. This means that when you need to get work done, you can be more productive by easily using this tool to find the difference between two files or even folders.

This is remarkable. Linux is adding tools that it thinks its users may need and make their lives easier. Another interesting application is called Kate. It is an advanced text editor. This is probably very useful for IT people like me, programmers, and advanced users. It has some terminal integration which means that as you use it you can apply it to work in other environments. I love tools that are integrated and I will be trying out this app and seeing what it can do. It seems like a great tool and prevents you from needing to download and install another third-party utility like you would with other Operating Systems.

Other utilities start with K some of which I don’t need but are great they are available. Letting people see these options or have access to them when they need them is so helpful. I like that when I have double-clicked on every file that I have downloaded every time OpenSuse has opened it in a compatible program. On Windows/Mac often you double-click on files and it tells you that there is no application configured and asks to you to configure one. Non-IT people just guess but sometimes there isn’t anything to choose. Or the options that you are given aren’t compatible with that file type. This has never been an issue so far with Linux. They include every program that the average user is likely to use.

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Linux has some thoughtful touches. It is rewarding to use.