I’ve fallen in love with Edith Bunker

Edith Bunker Helping Archie

Yes, she is an out of my league woman, and wow what a character!

I finished All in the Family and of course, the ending is sad. However even though the end is terrible, her story is amazing. Let me tell you why I like Edith so much.

Edith has limited intelligence and knowledge. However, even with that, she still seems to always do kind and loving things and I think she is wonderful. Many times in an episode it was poignant and it was because of her nature. No matter how horrible Archie was, she found a way to forgive and be kind, and with Archie that is saying a lot.

Edith Bunker Helping Archie
Edith Bunker helping Archie

What we saw in the show is that even when life had many struggles, she faced them with courage and honesty. She genuinely cared for people. In many ways, she was like my grandmother. She took care of old and dying people and worked in a retirement home. She gave people dignity and kept her promises to them. She was always generous and thoughtful and for that, I admired and respected her.

Edith proved that you didn’t have to understand something to do kind things. She often was slow to understand, but once she understood she understood better than almost everyone around her. Sometimes in life when people don’t have much intelligence I have seen that they are more kind and loving. I would rather have a relationship with a stupid and kind person, than an intelligent and unloving one.

I would have been proud to call Edith Bunker a friend. I don’t understand why people like Edith in real life aren’t admired. We don’t need more intelligence or accomplished people in the world. We need more kind and loving people like Edith. She lived her values and gave her life in service to those she loved. What more can you ask from someone?

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