IT Consultants sometimes have to do the difficult stuff

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Part of being an IT consultant is doing things other people don’t want to do. That means analyzing logs and doing the grunt work. I love it.

Right now I am working and sinking my teeth into a 13,000-page log describing their errors. Good times. I am on page 50 and have to take a break for the moment. I analyzed some other things this morning and mentally I am exhausted. Don’t misunderstand I am not complaining. Analyzing logs requires the greatest mental effort. You have to be aware of errors, look for patterns, and compare and research error codes. That is what I have been doing for 6 hours and I need a break. Anyone would need a break.

IT isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. You may be able to do something fast, but being good in IT requires that you can go the distance with projects that are complex, time-consuming, and long. You can’t just have a job that is always quick wins. Sometimes the wins take time. Sometimes weeks, months, and even years.

Now this isn’t a problem. When I play Marvel Strike Force they often have events that can take six months and even a year to complete. I know because I have played that game for several years and they structure it around these long-term events. I don’t get frustrated because there is not an easy and quick win. Although they have those as well each day. When I got Super Skrull and talked about it already, I felt proud of what I had done. It wasn’t easy but I got him. When I want to do something I do it, and this has always been my way.

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Life isn’t frustrating when we don’t get what we want right away. Life is frustrating when we feel we have nothing to do and are useless. I have never felt that way. There is always someone to help. At work, or in your personal life. We just need to decide to make them a priority and help and focus our time and love on them.

Is it difficult? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely.