Is a condensation/vent-less drier right for you?

Neverending Laundry Meme
Neverending Laundry Meme
neverending laundry meme

No, I am not trying to sell you one, just sharing my experience in case it helps others.

Before living in my new apartment I had never used this kind of drier. I either had a drier that was vented outdoors or used a laundry service when I had no washer/drier. When I saw this drier it was all new to me.

However, in practice, it is easily handled. It collects the moisture in an easily removable tube that I empty in the bathroom sink. To do this it takes a minute. I only need to empty it about every week or so depending on how often I wash towels. Towels hold an amazing amount of moisture.

Is there a downside to this? Manually having to dump the tank is the only downside but it isn’t terrible. To me, I like the benefits more. For example, I don’t have a cold drier when I use it during winter like I did with outdoor vented driers. I don’t have to deal with dealing with an external hole. In the home that I lived in the drier vent always had weeds or other things like insects near it. Less hassle with maintenance outdoors.

What about the cost? It was not an issue for me since it was the landlord’s responsibility to purchase. The noise is quieter than any other drier I have experienced. It is supposed to take longer to dry but my experience with driers also had a slow dry rate. The time it takes to dry isn’t any different than other types of drivers.

I like that the humidity is controlled and it is pleasant to be in that room. I would buy a condensation drier in the future based on this experience.

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