I’m on the Clothes Diet(TM)

Weight Loss
Weight Loss
weight loss

Why am I on this exclusive and somewhat secretive diet? The boys at the Lodge will be mad at me for telling their secrets but I think you can keep this between just us.

I bought some shorts a month ago and I didn’t pay attention to the designation that said SLIM fit. They barely fit and so I need to lose a little bit of weight to wear them comfortably. I like shorts and this is motivation to avoid things I shouldn’t be eating, so I put myself on a diet.

Normally I would not be on a diet. My weight has stayed pretty much the same for a decade. However I want to be as healthy as I can be, and my doctor has told me that any abdominal fat can be damaging to my health. So once that is gone then I am back to my routine.

I don’t have a specific number. I did some research and there is difficulty in giving a specific number for everyone. It depends on your muscles, genetics, and so many other factors. I know that I would be happy to lose 5 lbs which I have done before when I was sick and didn’t feel like eating. I lost this when I was sick a few years ago so I know I can do it. I just have to avoid heavy-calorie food and be as active as I can.

Since I already eat a salad a day, I need to have more self-control in my other meals. I tend to snack more than I should so now I will change that or change the things that I snack on. As I have gotten older processed food is less appealing to me. I mostly eat at home and I tend to overdo the carbs. So perhaps I will try cutting back on carbs. I for example could eat a PB&J every day because it can be so delicious. The fruit flavor with the peanut flavor is just so flavorful for a supertaster. I know what my favorite peanut butter is and I love the texture and flavor. When you find the right ingredients, even a simple preparation can be delicious.

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Taking care of yourself means showing love to all parts of you. It isn’t always easy, but if we want to help the world we have to be strong and take care of ourselves first.