If you don’t use a password manager you need to get one today

1password interface

I have talked before about how I have used 1Password and love it. Now it turns out that hackers are using ads to target people who visit certain URLs to lead them to get hacked.

I get no benefit by sharing 1Password with you. I am simply sharing this because the time for avoiding password managers to save money is long past. I tried to avoid password managers to save money, but I see they are required and they have made my life much easier since using them.

1password interface
1password interface

In my opinion, every person should be using some kind of password manager. No the free one that is part of the browser isn’t safe. There are known attacks that harvest those passwords. You have to use something that has more security, and I have tried the most popular password managers and found them lacking. I worked in companies that used corporate password managers and they were unintuitive and expensive. I did not like those products, and the employees barely used them. They only used them because they had to do their jobs but they hated them.

Now imagine having the ability to have all of your passwords synced no matter what computer you use. With people using work and home computers and increasing numbers of people using laptops, the savings in time alone in using a password manager makes sense. It is a great utility and you will be amazed at what else you can do with it. I have my Credit Card info in it as well, so it is super easy for me to fill out a web form when it asks for the CC. I love it.

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If you aren’t using a password manager right now, you will get hacked. Hackers are sucking in victims who don’t use them and you will eventually get found.