If you are a vendor cheerleader you lose

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I sometimes am asked if I prefer Mac/windows. I tell them that I am not a vendor cheerleader and I choose the best tool for the task.

Sometimes they will press me to choose. I say I can’t. I tell them the truth that no platform is superior in every situation, and they both have strengths and weaknesses. Now given that I have talked about Linux Mint often and favorably compared it to Windows/Mac, does that now make me a hypocrite?

No and here is why. I used Linux when it was first available to me a long time ago. I tried it and liked that it could do certain things well. To me, learning more about this flavor of Linux is a plus. It helps me to have more perspective on the strengths/weaknesses of other platforms. If you only know one or two things, you probably don’t understand them in the same way that you would if you knew other platforms as well.

Now I hear what you are saying. But you said you like Linux Mint more than Mac/Windows! That is the definition of being a vendor cheerleader. I also said if you read those posts that it has some advantages compared to Windows/Mac and some disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages that have kept Linux from becoming more popular.

  1. Less support. Less IT people know Linux so it is harder to hire staff that are familiar with it. If I am an employer the cost of labor to keep my systems going is a valid concern. I can understand in some markets that Linux tech support people aren’t there, so they choose not to do it.
  2. Less hardware that it supported. In the past, the hardware that Linux supported was always less than Mac/Windows. Tremendous progress has been made and now Linux can install on almost any machine that can do Windows 10. It can install on Mac machines as well which is interesting and fun. There are even companies now that put out Linux machines with everything preconfigured. This is a compelling option for many people to buy and use.
  3. Mac/Windows could do things that Linux couldn’t. In the past emulation layers like Steam/WINE that allow games/apps from Windows to work took some technical know-how. Now that this is being integrated into distros, this further makes the transition for people easier.
  4. Companies used Mac/Windows and so that is what people were familiar with. However, increasingly companies are using Linux not only for their servers but also for the employee desktops. Ubuntu is very popular as an OS that is used by regular employees for example and has support in Intune/Azure.
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As an IT person, I have to be aware of and skilled in the most in-demand skills. Therefore it makes sense for me to increase my Linux skills in preparation for the change that is already underway. Companies are replacing their expensive Windows machines with Linux, and even Microsoft is using Linux in Azure. Linux/Mac is the future. I think that people have gotten so frustrated with Windows that they don’t want to use it anymore. I know because I talk to people frustrated. After all, Windows 11 won’t do what Windows 10 did. I sympathize and when they have a choice to choose Mac they do. The writing is on the wall, people are just slow to recognize it.