I bet bloggers used to write in diaries

Blogging Comic

I was thinking that I used to write in a diary as a kid. I believe there is a need to write for some people to make sense of the world.

For those who don’t write daily, I have to share that while I am writing I achieve insights that I may not have had before. The process of thinking about how to explain to others puts you in the position of someone else, and that sometimes shows my errors in my thinking. For example, because I have experienced uncaring landlords, I used to feel that they all were selfish and unfair. Now that I have a caring landlord it is a nice experience. There are a few issues to take care of and he is doing it. One repairman is coming today. Nothing is perfect in life, but someone who is responsive and who wants things to work correctly is a wonderful experience.

Blogging Comic
blogging comic

Generalizations are false. It is difficult to remind yourself of that emotionally when all of your experience leads you to that conclusion. I know that in IT the generalization is that IT people are uncreative, mean, antisocial, and a whole host of other issues. Many times as I have helped people they have been surprised that I am not what they expected me to be. When they bring it up I say thank you and move on. It is not my job to provide therapy for others, but it does happen that at times my presence can challenge assumptions.

The goal of social media seems to be lately to promote yourself. I don’t need that. I share because I want others to learn from my mistakes. One of my mistakes is that sometimes I have not thought enough of what I have done, and sometimes I have thought too much about what I have done. Sometimes I have not been sensitive enough to others, and sometimes I have been too sensitive to others. Life is a question of balance, and it takes practice, mistakes, and wisdom to learn how to walk the line.

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Probably the most important thing in your life is something you never want to think about. What is that and why is it bothering you now?