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How to Increase Compassion at Work | Greater Good

how to increase compassion at work greater good photo

How to Increase Compassion at Work | Greater Good. The Greater Good is a science based website that talks about the psychology of helping ourself and others. I am watching the video and it is funny and insightful. Paul is a great presenter.

What I like about this video is that he points out our weaknesses and in our humanity how different our life would be. It is interesting isn’t it that sometimes those of us who have had easy life¬†due to wealth, have very little compassion for others. There is a study that shows that the more money you have the less compassion for others. It might be hard to read but we have to have compassion for the wealthy. I have worked with the wealthy and they tend to be very depressed and sad people. They rarely are appreciative for what they have, and they have problems seeing the reality of life for other people than themselves.

I love the message of this video. It says that listening is a form of love. I have been most helped in my life by people who listen to me. Maybe what I am saying is just frustration, but we all need to be heard by others and to hear others. The most effective healers in my life have just listened to me primarily and then did whatever magic they do.

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